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Standard CPS Parcel Locator for Package Tracking...
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Free Package Tracking for You
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The CPS Parcel Locator is a parcel tracking system to effectively track packages by multiple carriers.  It comes in several forms that can be used by individuals or by companies with online stores, mail order catalogs and anyone else who ships using multiple carriers.  The CPS Parcel Locator is for those who demand the very best customer service!

Package Tracking for iGoogle Users...

NEW! In addition to CPS SHIP eLERTs the CPS Parcel Locator is now available as a Google® compatible gadget to be used:


On your own and your friends' iGoogle™ pages.


In other Google® properties, such as Google Page Creator™, Google Toolbar™, and Google Desktop™.


Embedded on any of your web pages or Blogs. (See and try the example in the column on the left of this page.)

Best of all, it is totally FREE!


The CPS Parcel Locator can be used by you or your business in many different ways.


Standalone - The Standard CPS Parcel Locator web page can be used to let your customers enter and track their own parcels. You just give them the package tracking information, send them to our web site, and we do the rest. (The Standard CPS Parcel Locator is located at


With Google® Products - The CPS Parcel Locator Gadget for use on your iGoogle™ pages.  This is a handy gadget that can be used at any time to track a package.  It also works with other Google products, such as Google Page Creator™, Google Toolbar™, and Google Desktop™.  When used, it remembers the last number you tracked in your Google preferences so you only need to enter a number once and it is the default number each time you use the gadget until it is cleared.   To add this to your iGoogle page click here...


On Your Site - The CPS Parcel Locator gadget for embedding on your web page can be used for direct access to carrier tracking information either from your web site or Blog page of your own.  To customize how it looks and obtain the code to add to your site click here...


With CPS Shipping Software - The CPS Parcel Locator is the default page used when sending your customers a SHIP eLERT® email while using Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS).  Support for CPS SHIP eLERTS is available on all versions of CPS.  For more information about CPS shipping software click here... 

CPS Parcel Locator Standard Features

CPS Parcel Locator - Your Parcel Tracking Solution...

When you enter a tracking request using any version of the CPS Parcel Locator, it automatically transfers the shipping tracking request directly to the carrier using the CPS Parcel Locator application above.  The tracking request results are displayed automatically in a window that opens immediately.  The CPS Parcel Locator application has several other easy-to-use features:

  1. Once the request has been sent to the carrier it can be tracked again by pressing the Track button.

  2. Parcel Information such as the Tracking Number and Reference Number can be displayed.  The Reference Number can be any number you assign, such as an order or customer number.  NOTE: The Reference Number option is currently only available to CPS shipping software and SHIP eLERT users.

  3. The Carrier Links feature automatically directs the user to carrier site specific locations to help your customers with delivery issues.

  4. The Other Links feature helps your customer determine if there could be Weather related issues along with displaying our Harvey Software Use statement.  The Use statement lets your customers know this is a safe and secure way to track their parcels.

  5. When done, the Exit button closes the CPS Parcel Locator window and returns you to the calling web page.  This means that if you called the CPS Parcel Locator from your web site in its own window, you have just returned to the original location.  This keeps everything seamless and totally under your control!


Advanced Features of the CPS Parcel Locator include:


A single source for parcel tracking needs.


Can be added iGoogle™ pages.


Can be added to other Google® properties, such as Google Page Creator™, Google Toolbar™, and Google Desktop™.


Can be embedded on any of your web pages or Blogs.


Supports mobile PDA and cellular phone devices with Internet access.


Fully supports CPS SHIP eLERT when sent from CPS shipping software..


Works standalone or with other Harvey Software shipping products.


Eliminates the need for complicated programming to support multiple carriers' tracking methods.


Easily adds order tracking to your web site or to your order confirmation emails.


Saves calls to customer service and increases your customers' satisfaction.


Can be used in addition to carrier offered shipment notification services.


Once set up, there are no additional costs or charges to use CPS Parcel Locator.

CPS SHIP eLERT - A Product of Harvey Software, Inc.
The Standard CPS Parcel Locator is CPS SHIP eLERT Compatible*

All CPS Parcel Locator options are available to any shipper that uses Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) at no additional charge.

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